I create visual narratives that permeate the unconscious in ways that are both familiar and estranged. These stories and ideas come to life through photography, video, performance, and sculpture.

As a child I spent countless hours exploring the outdoors of Western Canada. Those early experiences continue to inform my research and thematic interests. I am endlessly fascinated by the liminal space found at the convergence of humanity, the environment, and ethics.

Currently I have been exploring the intersection of memory, dreams, and photography in relation to Freudian dream interpretation. Freud stated that memories form the dream content. He also posited that the main activity of the unconscious mind is dreaming. Since we know that the unconscious mind is always engaged, during both our sleeping and awake states, I take this to mean that WE ARE ALWAYS DREAMING. Therefore, I am curious if the fundamental motivation I have to photograph is an attempt to visually record the dreams that I am having, in real time, during my awake states.